Dan Mace is a creative and visionary Filmmaker, Youtuber, CCO (Chief Creative Officer) for Beast Philanthropy and the founder of JOE and ALL OF US Studios in Cape Town. Over his 10-year career behind the camera, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films spanning across four continents.
Having joined YouTube in 2011, he has grown an audience of over 23 million subscribers between his personal and Beast philanthropy’s youtube channel combined. All in all he has garnered over 550 million+ views across the films he has made.
Dan writes, produces, directs and edits the majority of his own work and considers himself to be an all-round creative.

As a Director, his talent lies in his authentic story-telling abilities and honed technical knowledge both on and off set. However, he believes his greatest asset is his open mind and the ability to think differently in order to craft a meaningful narrative that moves people. He is an altruist with an earnest desire to see the world changed for the better and it is this desire that he uses to fuel and inspire his films.

Over the span of his career, Dan has won multiple accolades including three Young Director Awards at Cannes Lions, an African Crystal Film Grand Prix, Bronze Loerie Awards, Ciclope Africa Editing Craft awards, and the Creative Circle ad of the month, amongst others.

Most asked questions about Dan Mace

Most asked questions

1. Where is Dan Mace From:
Cape Town, South Africa. He now lives between The USA and South Africa
2. Who is Dan Mace Married to:

Gabrielle Mace.

3. How Old is Dan Mace:

Born on the 7th of March 1990, making him 33 years old.

4. What is Dan Mace’s Job:

Currently, Dan is the Chief Creative Officer at Beast Philanthropy. He is the founder of the company JOE Films in Cape Town, as well as the Founder and CEO of ALL of US and the Head of Marketing at House of Macadamias.
Dan also has his own YouTube channel and his own personal product, which he sells, called the BRU Bar—a caffeinated health snack.

5. What is Dan Mace’s relationship with Casey Neistat:

Dan Mace was Casey Neistat’s creative partner on his daily vlog, “368,” in 2018. Since then, they have become great friends, and Casey acts as a mentor to Dan.

6. What is Dan Mace’s Relationship with MrBeast:

Dan Mace manages MrBeast’s YouTube channel, “Beast Philanthropy.” They are also good friends who met in Cape Town, South Africa, early in 2022.

7. What Camera Does Dan Mace use:

Dan Mace uses a Sony FX3 to shoot all his videos.

8. What happened to Dan Mace:

Dan Mace is currently taking a break from his own YouTube channel and working full-time on building Beast Philanthropy’s YouTube channel.

9. How to Contact Dan Mace:

Reach out to Dan Mace’s producers, Jarrod@Danmace.com and Raine@Danmace.com.



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